Monday, May 9, 2016

The Bee Charmer Now Available

I have to admit, I'm a huge fan of my character Rayne. He's kinda a dream guy and very loveable. It was so much fun to tell his story. I also thought it would be fun to play with Cinderella themes in this book, seeing Rayne in his true form as a fairy godfather. I also liked looking more closely at Viola, who we met in The Cupcake Witch. I knew she had more depth that it seems in that book so I loved getting inside her head. I hope you enjoy Rayne's and Viola's tale!


  1. Hi Poppy,

    Oh lovely! After listening to The Cupcake Witch I think I have a feel who The Bee Charmer is about. ;) I really enjoyed the sweet romance in The Cupcake Witch. Thank you! You had mentioned to stay in touch on the audiobook through Audio Book Boom, but I'm sorry I didn't have an email to contact you. My thoughts on The Cupcake Witch is up on my blog today ( ) and I'll post on all book venues this weekend (already up at Audible). Thank you!


    1. Hi Melissa!
      Thanks for stopping by, and thanks so much for giving The Cupcake Witch a listen. So glad to hear you liked it! We have The Bee Charmer in audiobook production right now. I'll be sure to offer some codes for that book also. Thanks again!

    2. That's awesome to hear of The Bee Charmer! :D I'll keep an eye out for it. I'll have to see about adding Glass Mermaid to my list on Audible as well. I think I know who it's about as there was a quick mention of a woman with glass mermaids at the festival in The Cupcake Witch. ;)

    3. Oh yes, there sure was that mention! Would you like a copy of that one on audio? I'd be happy to send it along. Want to email me at and I can send you a copy :)