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Cover Reveal: Rose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein

Rose Petal Graves
by Olivia Wildenstein
Release Date: July 15th 2016

Summary from Goodreads: 

I thought losing my mother would be the greatest shock of my life, but the greatest shock came after her death.

Founded two centuries ago by an aloof and powerful tribe of Gottwa Indians, Rowan was a quiet town, so quiet that I fled after graduation. Staying away was the plan, but Mom died suddenly, so I rushed home. 

Dad said she suffered a stroke after she dug up one of the ancient graves in our backyard, which happens to be the town cemetery. Creepy, I know. Creepier still, there was no corpse inside the old coffin, only fresh rose petals. 

As we made preparations for Mom’s burial, Cruz Vega, the new medical examiner, arrived. I should have felt relieved, but how could I? He was unnervingly handsome, glowed like a human firefly, and knew absolutely nothing about examining dead bodies. 

But, he did know what killed my mother…or rather who.


About the Author
Olivia Wildenstein grew up in New York City, the daughter of a French father with a great sense of humor, and a Swedish mother whom she speaks to at least three times a day. She chose Brown University to complete her undergraduate studies and earned a bachelor’s in comparative literature. After designing jewelry for a few years, Wildenstein traded in her tools for a laptop computer and a very comfortable chair. This line of work made more sense, considering her college degree.

When she’s not writing, she’s psychoanalyzing everyone she meets (Yes. Everyone), eavesdropping on conversations to gather material for her next book, baking up a storm (that she actually eats), going to the gym (because she eats), and attempting not to be late at her children’s school (like she is 4 out of 5 mornings, on good weeks).

Wildenstein lives with her husband and three children in Geneva, Switzerland, where she’s an active member of the writing community.
Author Links:
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An Eastern Beauty by Leon Francois Comerre

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Prescient by Derek Murphy, Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Genre: Time Travel/Dystopia
Release Date: March 21st 2016


The first time I saw the future I lost hope.

It wasn’t just that the future sucked; that civilization had gone and ruined itself; that we’d altered our own DNA and devolved into predatory monsters that fed on the few remaining survivors. That was all awful enough, but it was more than that. I remember being young and thinking, when I grow up, I’ll have a nice big house. I’ll get an exciting, interesting job. I’ll meet the man of my dreams and we’ll fall in love and stay together forever.

But that all disappeared the first time I tripped 20 years into the future and found the houses burned, the handsome boys dead, and the only jobs were the ones young girls gave hairy old survivors in tents in exchange for a little food and water. Nobody asked little girls what they wanted to be when they grew up anymore. Nobody wanted to draw attention to the fact that most of them wouldn’t live that long.

There was no hope, no peace for anyone. At least I had it better than they did. When my trip was over, I would get to go back. Back to the normalcy of 2015. Back to iPhones and Twitter and buying so much food it went bad before you could eat it. Back to laughing over foamy cappuccinos and iced lattes at the mall, window shopping and flirting with hot guys (not that I ever did that, mind you - but I always wanted to). And I still could. That was the point. Unlike everybody else, for whom 2015 was 20 years ago - long before humanity was destroyed - it was my reality. At least, it was some of the time.

But after seeing the future; after struggling to make it to the end of the day; after my first kill - none of those other things were the least bit enjoyable. All I could think when I got back to the real world, is how can I stop what’s coming?

Prescient is a young adult time-travel dystopia, this is Part One of the first book in the series. 

Buy Links:


Here are some great young adult time travel books. If you think writing is hard, try writing time travel fiction –it’s so much more challenging! To honor these authors, and to launch the book I’m working on (Prescient), I’m giving away a package of time travel books, and a Harry Potter time turner. It’s the coolest time-travel related object I could find.
I’ll choose 3 winners and give each winner ebook copies of each book, plus a time turner. Everybody who signs up to my list will get my book (Prescient) for free.
(click on image for giveaway link)

If you don’t win, make sure to check out these books on Amazon! (Click the covers).
Sleepless (Bird of Stone Book 1)UnhappeningsInception (The Marked) (Volume 1)PassengerRewinder (Rewinder Series)Into the DimThe Girl from EverywhereTime Warper: Fated (A Sage Hannigan Novel Book 1)Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen Book 1)Timebound (The Chronos Files)TimelessTime Salvager

About the Author

I wrote my MA thesis on Harry Potter and am working on my PhD in literature, while secretly writing YA fantasy novels and designing book covers. I blog about self-publishing, book design and book marketing, and am renting a castle for Nanowrimo 2016. I hope you like my writing!

Author Links:
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Cover Reveal: The Bee Charmer, Coming May 2016

I'm very pleased to present the cover for The Bee Charmer, The Chancellor Fairy Tales Book 3. In The Bee Charmer, you'll get to know two of Chancellor's residents much better. Below, please find the book description:

When your heart makes a wish, even impossible dreams can come true

After years of working for my family’s business, I’m finally back in college and ready to chase my dream of becoming a perfumer. It seems like the stars are all aligning when Chancellor College invites a preeminent French fragrance expert to speak at a symposium. Everything is working out just right, as long as I can continue to ignore my growing feelings for a certain hippie beekeeper. That, it seems, is turning out to be easier said than done.

The elders sent me on a mission to Chancellor to help Alice, owner of the local bagel shop, find true love. So far? Well, not so good. The bees and I have to double up our efforts if we have any hope of helping our girl find the road to happiness. While I know Alice should be my priority one, my heart, however, seems to have a mind of its own. If I could just get Viola Hunter out of my mind, I could focus on my task. That, it seems, is turning out to be easier said than done.

Lose yourself in Poppy Lawless' enchanting town of Chancellor, a magical place where fairy tales can come true and happily ever afters always reign supreme.

The Bee Charmer is a stand-alone novella and part of The Chancellor Fairy Tales, a series of romantic fairy tales for adults. This novel can be read on its own, but you'll get the most enjoyment from this series if the works are read in order.

Here is the Pinterest board for the work:

Add me here on Goodreads:

The Bee Charmer will release in May, but you will be able to get your hands on this book in April when it releases as part of Enchanted: The Fairy Revels Collection. Check out this amazing collection:

One spellbound night, nine award-winning and Amazon best-selling authors joined together to bring you an enchanting collection of tales featuring our favorite otherworldly creatures, fairies. Enchanted: The Fairy Revels Collection will seduce you into the wondrous world of the fae with magic, romance, fantasy, adventure, fairy tales, and folklore. Get ready to be beguiled by a unique boxed set with fractured fairy tales, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, sci-fi adventure, and more. This captivating collection is certain to please anyone who loves fairy stories.

Each book in Enchanted: The Fairy Revels Collection is a newly released work.

Our Books and Authors

I Do Believe in Faeries by Erin Hayes

The Bee Charmer by Poppy Lawless

Woe for a Faerie by B. Brumley

Flightless by Margo Bond Collins

Rose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein

Fairly Normal by Carrie L. Wells

Fae Came on the Plane by Elizabeth Watasin

The Fae and the Farmgirl by Pauline Creeden

The Fairy Bargain by Blaire Edens

Collection Releasing April 2016

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It's an exciting spring for faeries! Can't wait to share Book 3 of The Chancellor Fairy Tales with you!

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Luck of the Irish $250 Cash Giveaway

Luck of the Irish 
I'm so pleased to participate in the Luck of the Irish cash giveaway. Ireland is one country I've always wanted to visit but never yet had the chance. Everything about this delightful country is enchanting. I've been busy building a Pinterest board full of St. Pat's cupcakes and other delights. Check it out when you stop by my Pinterest to enter!

My entry for the giveaway is a follow on Rafflecopter. I also have a pin it to win it giveaway going on. Stop by to test your luck there as well.

Luck of the Irish $250 Giveaway March 17th to 31st $250 Gift Code or $250 in Paypal Cash
 Thanks to this Awesome Group of Authors & Bloggers have joined with me to bring you this fabulous prize!! 

Sponsor List 

  Giveaway Details $250 in Paypal Cash or a $250 eGift Card Ends 3/31/16 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use money sent via Paypal. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the authors, bloggers and publishers on the sponsor list. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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Author Spotlight: Enchanted Warrior by Sharon Ashwood

If you've read my Chancellor Fairy Tales series, then you already know I love a good fairy tale. I've also been reading just about every Arthurian thing ever written since I was in high school. I was so excited when I learned my friend Sharon Ashwood had a new series on the market and it was a contemporary romance with King Arthur and his knights...the ultimate folklore/mythology reborn. I don' t have much time to read these days, but I snapped this up right away and wasn't disappointed. If you love King Arthur stories and romance, this is the perfect series. I invited Sharon to stop by my blog this week to talk about her new series. 

An ancient evil rises. An ancient warrior awakens. 

In an age clouded by legend, Gawain was one of King Arthur’s greatest knights. When he awakens centuries after the fall of Camelot, he faces his most daunting quest yet-the search for his missing companions. His hope is that Tamsin Greene, the alluring historian at Medievaland Theme Park, can help him. Then he senses the magic within her… Gawain will now have to trust a witch-and his own heart-to rouse the knights of the Round Table and save humanity from a faery onslaught.

ENCHANTED WARRIOR (Camelot Reborn, Book 1)

By Sharon Ashwood

King Arthur and his knights arrived on my doorstep early on. Their first appearance was in a stack of hand-me-down storybooks, and once they’d moved into my imaginary playland there was no shooing them out the door. Now that I’m a writer, is it any wonder they’ve reappeared in my stories as enchanted knights caught in the modern world? Just imagine a hot-tempered, dangerous, and devastatingly handsome knight was roaming around town, eager to fight or carouse or sweep my heroine off her feet. Welcome to my new series, CAMELOT REBORN.

But how did my imaginary Camelot end up in the here and now?  When I was very young, I visited Worcester Cathedral in England. I remember staring down at the effigies of the knights on their tombs with all the power of a child’s daydreams. I wondered what the knight would do if I had the magic to wake him. What would he think when he sat up and saw the new world? What fabulous adventures would he have?

When I began my new book series, I remembered my knight in his lonely sleep. I imagined the Knights of the Round Table—enchanted into sleeping stone—had been scattered to museums and private collections throughout the United States. The spell they are under will wake them when a great enemy arises—or will it?  What if something has gone terribly wrong? And what if only one knight, Sir Gawain of Lothian, awakes and has to save the day?

Of course, no knight is complete without a lady, and the hero of ENCHANTED WARRIOR needs the help of a thoroughly modern historian named Tamsin Greene. She’s the key to finding the other knights, but she’s also a powerful witch and if there’s one thing that Gawain refuses to trust, it’s sorcery. But he’s not going to get the maid without her magic, and little does Tamsin know that Gawain holds the key to an ancient secret that changes everything she believes about her own past. Stay tuned for the sparks to fly . . .

Short Excerpt:

Huge hands grabbed her from behind, pulling her backward until she collided with a rock-hard chest. Tamsin inhaled, about to scream, but a palm clamped over her mouth. A moment later, the man’s free arm grasped her middle. Tamsin lunged forward, but his grip was an iron bar. Her next move was to kick back, aiming for the man’s knee. She missed, catching only his shin with the soft sole of her boot. He grunted and pulled her against him so tightly she could barely breathe.
“Don’t,” he said, the word clipped and cold.
Tamsin froze, going utterly still. Whoever this was, his psychic shields were so powerful he’d been completely hidden from her scan. After fretting about evil creatures stalking witches, she was too scared to reach for her magic. Every instinct warned her this stranger would not tolerate further defiance. This was a professional. A predator. A true threat. She knew it on a level so primitive it was coded into her DNA.
Her obedience seemed to work, because the hand clamped over her mouth slowly moved away. He tasted of salt, sweat and man. He hadn’t used weapons to overpower her, just brute strength. That show of confidence made him seem all the more deadly.
“You will not cry out.” His words had traces of a brogue—Scottish, perhaps. His deep, masculine voice vibrated through the line where their bodies touched and sank into her bones.
“Please,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “What do you want?”
“Turn around.”
The arm locked about her loosened, allowing her to move but not to escape. Tamsin shrank away as far as she could, the heat of his body a sharp contrast to the cool November air.
“Turn,” he repeated. “I want to see your face when I question you.”
Tamsin obeyed, sliding within the circle of his arm. It put their faces barely twelve inches apart, and that was only because he was so tall. Her first instinct was to avoid eye contact, to rebel at least in that small way, but curiosity won. She snatched a glance from under her lashes.
She froze all over again as he nailed her in place with a brilliant blue gaze. He was younger than she’d expected—maybe in his late twenties—and handsome enough that she forgot to breathe. His face had strong bones, the features bold and almost sensual. Heat rose to her cheeks as her insides curled into a protective ball. He was far too magnetic, far too there for comfort.
He studied her face a moment longer, his gaze filled with bold assessment. It finally broke when the corners of his mouth quirked. “You are the historian who is supposed to explain this place to visitors, Tamsin Greene?”

For a longer excerpt, click here:

Author Bio:

Sharon Ashwood is a novelist, desk jockey and enthusiast for the weird and spooky. She has an English literature degree but works as a finance geek. Interests include growing her to-be-read pile and playing with the toy graveyard on her desk. As a vegetarian, she freely admits the whole vampire/werewolf lifestyle would never work out, so she writes her adventures instead.

Sharon is the winner of the RITA® Award for Paranormal Romance. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and is owned by the Demon Lord of Kitty Badness.
Author Links:

Facebook Fanpage:

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"Short and Sweet" Series: Turkish Delight: Paige and Aydin

Turkish Delight:Paige & Aydin

The veranda outside the teahouse overlooked the dark blue waters of the Bosphorous which separated the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. We were sitting a small café table. It was early morning, and the air felt warm and damp, the sweet scent of the waters of the strait mingling with the smell of the breakfast spread out before me. At its edges, the skyline was trimmed pink with the last of the morning sunrise. Around me, the Turkish teahouse patrons laughed as they sipped their morning teas and coffees, the aroma of the drinks and the perfume of freshly baked bread hanging heavy in the air.

Aydin lifted a Kalamata olive and leaned in toward me. “Taste,” he whispered.

The morning sunlight made his honey-colored eyes sparkle, sunshine shimmering across the auburn lowlights in his dark hair. A stray breeze made his white shirt flutter open, revealing just a peak of his muscular chest. The view called to mind last night’s pleasures, the memory of which set my cheeks burning to rosy pink.

I parted my lips gently and let him put the tiny morsel in my mouth. The earthy taste of the olive, devoid of the packaged sharpness of added salt and MSG, made my palate spring to life. The freshly-picked olive melted on my mouth like liquid olive oil and sunlight rolled into one.

“Now this,” he said, lifting a small square of feta cheese. I closed my lips over his fingers, pausing to gently suck, then slowly moved the tasty tidbit into my mouth.

The salty tastes that bit my tongue, the tastes of both Aydin and cheese, made my lips quiver. I chewed slowly, letting the flavors linger, then swallowed.

“Do Turks always eat olives and feta cheese for breakfast?” I asked as I lifted my glass of hot Turkish tea by the rim, careful not to burn my fingers on the cup. Cautiously, I sipped the amber liquid which I’d sweetened with sugar as I eyed the plate in front of me: freshly baked bread with sesame seeds that was round in shape like a doughnut, simit, he’d called it, olives, feta cheese, almonds, and sliced tomatoes. On the table was fresh honey and heavy, plain white yogurt. It was a feast for the senses, and my American palette was tripping over itself to adjust. I’d only ever eaten feta cheese and olives in a salad or on pizza.

Aydin smiled then spooned sugar into his own glass tea cup. “Every day,” he said then leaned across the table and placed a sweet kiss on my lips. He cradled my cheek in the palm of his hand. “Paige…my beautiful American girl,” he whispered in my ear.

I returned the kiss, tasting his lips once more, then leaned back and stared into his honey-colored eyes. “And Aydin…my Turkish delight,” I replied with a smile.

Aydin laughed out loud. He wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close, kissing me on the head.

I exhaled deeply, feeling more content than I had in years. I gazed out once more at the Bosphorus, watching ships glide across the calm waters. A soft wind blew in, ruffling my air, and stirring up the spicy scent of Aydin’s cologne. Feeling dizzy and overcome with joy, I closed my eyes and savored the flavors swimming in my mouth, the best of which was the taste of Aydin’s kiss.