Thursday, November 26, 2015

Release Day for The Cupcake Witch, The Chancellor Fairy Tales, Book 2

It's release day for The Cupcake Witch! I'm very excited to bring you Julie and Horatio's story. I loved writing this little tale. As you know, I love writing about food so this book was so much fun for me. I got to imagine all the different kinds of cupcake Julie might prepare. I'll admit to being lost on Pinterest for hours. My pinterest boards are linked right if you want to take a look at some of my cupcake finds.

Julie and Horatio are a fun pair. Julie is a very bohemian, down to earth type. She's looking to do something more with her life. When she inherits Serendipity Gardens, she gets a new lease on life. Horatio works for his father's company and should be happy being a rich man's son, but he isn't. Fate throws the two together, and at odds, and it's up to a little magical to help them out.

For fans of The Glass Mermaid, we are back in Chancellor one more. You might recognize several faces in this book! 

I will have paperback and audio versions of the novella available. There will be a third novella in this series coming in March!

The Cupcake Witch is part of 

The Witching Hour Collection 

Good witch. Bad witch. White magic. Black magic. Kitchen magic. Pick your potion. The authors of the Blazing Indie Collective, who brought you the Falling in Deep Collection, are brewing up something new. Check out all the novellas in The Witching Hour Collection.

Melanie Karsak: Witch Wood 

Claire C. Riley: Raven's Cove 

Eli Constant: Sleeping in the Forest of Shadows 

Elizabeth Watasin: Charm School: The Wrecking Faerie 

Erin Hayes: I'd Rather be a Witch 

Carrie Wells: Playing with Magic 

Evan Winters: The Witch of Bracken’s Hollow 

Minerva Lee: Spun Gold 

Blaire Edens: The Witch of Roan Mountain 

Poppy Lawless: The Cupcake Witch 

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