Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Short & Sweet" Part 2: The Picnic: Alice, Henry, & the Mad Hatter

The Picnic: Alice, Henry, & the Mad Hatter

Henry spread the picnic blanket on the ground, the red and white checked cloth fluttering in the warm summer breeze. Overhead, the willow branches swayed.

“Alice?” he called, casting his eyes toward his beautiful golden-haired fianc√©. She was standing at the side of the lake, gazing out at the water. She shielded her eyes from the sunlight with her hand. The sun made her long, straw-colored hair shimmer. A soft breeze made her blue dress flutter in the wind.

“Coming,” she called, and after a moment, she turned and leveled her big blue eyes on him. She smiled, then ducking under the branches, she joined him in the tree’s shade.

Alice wrapped her arms around Henry. “Three things,” she whispered in his ear. They loved playing this game, listing in code three things they'd been thinking about. It certainly was more fun than the tired “penny for your thoughts.”

Henry laughed. “You’re mad,” he said with a grin, but gave into her game all the same. “Your lovely blue eyes, this old tree, and those cherry red lips,” he said, kissing her gently. Her pouty lips always tasted ever so lightly of cherry lip gloss, which kept her kiss soft and sweet.

Giggling, Alice pulled back. “We’re all mad around here, my dear. Don’t you know?”

Henry tapped her playfully on the nose. “So I’ve heard. Now you.”

Alice leaned back and ruffled his sunny colored curls. “Hair the color of sunflowers, white rabbits, and cold chicken! I’m starving!”

Henry laughed. “Then by all means, Milady, please sit,” he said, gesturing grandly toward the blanket.

Alice flounced onto the ground then dug hungrily into the picnic basket, pulling out two large cloth napkins which she spread before them. Handing him a cup, she then poured him a glass of lemon iced tea.

“Shall we toast before we eat?” Henry asked.

Alice nodded happily. “By all means. To the Hatter!”

Henry shook his head. How he loved this woman and her stories. “To the Hatter, wherever he may roam.”

They drank down their tea. Alice took the cup from Henry’s hand, set it back in the basket, then pushed him back onto the blanket.

“I thought you were hungry,” he told her with a laugh.

“I am,” she said with a wicked grin as she sat astride his waist. Leaning forward, she began to unbutton his shirt. “And I know just what I want for my first course!” Alice pushed open his shirt and kissed his chest, drizzling soft kisses from his neck downward.

“Alice,” he whispered, catching a handful of her honey-scented hair. “Tell me again. Tell me all about it once again.”

“You promise you’ll believe me? Promise?” she whispered in Henry’s ear, nibbling on his earlobe.

“With all my heart,” he replied, reaching up to stroke her hair. How much she loved this wild, imaginative woman.

Alice kissed him once more, lay her head down on his bare chest, then began: “I was just a girl when, one sunny Sunday afternoon, I found myself sitting on this very bank with my sister. To my surprise, a white rabbit with very pink ears ran by . . .”

Ready for a Picnic? Want to try a Mad Hatter! I have all things inspirational on my Pinterest board if you are in the mood for a mad tea!

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