Friday, February 27, 2015

Girl Power! Kick-Butt Female Characters Massive eBook Giveaway

YES! Who doesn't love a good butt-kicking female character! I love that we have some many amazing female characters in literature, movies, TV, and other pop culture venues today. There is always room for strong female role models.

Given I've now seen Frozen 7,000 times, and I generally loathe the movie, I still love the empowering message. In my house, we've seen ALL the Disney princess movies, and I have to admit, they certainly promote "woman seeking man to save her" mentality. Yeah, I don't think we need yet another generation of women programed on that nonsense, thank you very much. Maybe Frozen resonates so loudly simply BECAUSE girls these days don't want or need to be saved by a man. Maybe Frozen is so popular because it reinforces the message mothers are sharing with their daughters: love is not immediate, there are more important things than finding a man, and family love might just be worth more than romantic love. I love that notion, and for that reason alone, I'll watch Frozen 7,001 times with my daughter.

Let's get mom some girl-power too; with over 100 books to win, you can't go wrong!

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